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A powerful mage on the beginning of his journey towards redemption.

200 years after a technological renaissance where science and magic began to fuse, a new war changed the world. An old mage named Jarreth embarks on a mission of redemption and sacrifice as he ventures towards an enemy stronghold at the base of a treacherous mountain. Hidden within the twisting tunnels and massive cave is a powerful ancient orb that Jarreth must retrieve before its discovered by his nemesis.  As Jarreth and his partner Tess are blasted out of the sky when approaching the sacred mountain, he must decide how deep he will go in order to complete his mission.

Chance’s long time filmmaking collaborator Jesse Boots set off on an adventure with co-director Thomas Lynn to create the ambitious DELVE short film.  Boots, known for his stellar visual effects on PROJECT ARBITER, collaborated with Lynn to look into their past and extract the best of the fantasy and science fiction genres they have an affinity for.

While the project began, Chance spearheaded the producing effort by taking the production from green screen into the real world by establishing a collaborative relationship with the team at Cave & Mine Adventures in Vallecito, California.  Known for inspiring the ‘Zion’ cave sequences from the MATRIX sequels and being featured on the BBC mini-series PLANET EARTH, this actual series of caves sprawling miles into the Earth set the tone for the realism and quality of the production.

While on set, Chance took on the role of assistant director to channel the creative energy of Boots and Lynn, while long time producing partner Vicki de Mey oversaw the production’s logistics.  Jason Beckwith also lensed the short as its cinematographer.

Now in its final stages of post production, the massive undertaking to bring a fully digital electrically-centric dragon to life is nearly complete.  With the support of all the wonderful contributors on Kickstarter and the cloud-based computing power made possible by a collaboration with AMAZON, DELVE is looking to hit film festival in early 2016.

Cast & Crew