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We are but fragile embers.

SINS is a music video that explores how our actions, and lack of, culminate in moments of decision.  Do we keep allowing these sins to burn us away until we are nothing more than ash, or do we find empowerment in them to become something more?  Become something better than we could have ever imagined?

Amanda Daviner and Adam Bishop are the creative force known as DREAMS OF JUNE. Based out of Brooklyn, New York, these musical soul mates concoct an alchemy of pop, alternative rock and soulful blues.  The duo contact Chance with the desire to create an empowering and emotion first ever music video for their band.  Chance connected with the talented LA sculpture Taylor Knight to commission the essential central image of the the piece, the burning human statue.  Three story vignettes were scripted by Chance to illustrate the struggles we all face, and to work as a visual connection to the lyrics.  He then worked with long time producer Vicki de Mey and cinematographer Jason Beckwith to shoot the production over three days, spanning the northern California coastline’s San Jose, San Francisco, and Pescadero state beach.

Cast & Crew



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