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Feeling alone, even in a crowded room.

“IF, THEN” is an emotional track on the debut album WHATEVER THAT MEANS by LA grunge band RAMONDA HAMMER. Lead singer Devin Davis collaborated with Chance to create a storyline around a woman in transition. Devin said this at the release of the music video, “This is one of the most personal songs I’ve written and I’m so overwhelmingly pleased with how the video turned out. I hope you watch this and really pay attention to the message because you are all worth something in some way and your life has an impact on those around you. It all maters.

Chance aimed to create a day in the life journey that elevates the small moments into what they are, all important. Collaborating with writer Aiah Samba, they identified three key moments. Vince Hall of Entropy Pictures brought together the production with quality crew and locations. The ever-present Meghan Cox plays the young soul looking for acceptance but finding those around her simply do not understand. “The goal was to visualize the feeling of her depression and to do that we filmed each key moment with and without the supporting cast. Our amazing production designer and bassist in the band Andy Hengl rigged objects that characters in the scene were holding to give the impression of emptiness surrounding her. Every effect was done in camera,” said Chance.

Ramonda Hammer kicked off their first tour up the west coast from LA to Seattle with the “If, Then” music video, which is also gaining acclaim with critics and bloggers.

The message of the song is found in its final lyrics…

If you’re hearing this song, then I’m something
If you’re singing along, then that’s something
If you’re crying like I am, I guess that’s something
And I’m not the only one who feels like nothing

I’m not the only one
I’m not

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